• A good corporate video
    is your best introduction.
  • Ads are Stories.
    that are remembered.
    And we tell stories
    Vision that sees a Brand as a Story.
  • Nature has always been the best storyteller
    And we are it's best presenters.


We are the storytellers of the promotional world. We don’t just make films; we add stories to a Brand. Stories when they connect are remembered. That’s the secret behind any successful campaign. So give us a message and we’ll turn it into a story that’s going to be remembered long after it’s been told.

Contact us if you wish to add a story to your brand.

The Art


Four Digital Ads for an upcoming App – Greet Sweet

Having sailed in the same boat we understand the challenges a young start-up faces. We delivered 4 different ads each depicting a different aspect of the app in a very limited budget. We arranged a professional cast as well as three different locations which were all covered in a single day to avoid budget inflation.

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Company Profile of Paracoat Products for Auto Expo

Travelling multiple cities to shoot at the various plants of Paracoat Products to showcase their products, work standards and efficiency to be presented in a power packed short impactful video. The same was used by the client for display at their stall at Auto Expo Components, 2018, New Delhi.

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Paracoat Products: Sound ideas for silence

Ketan Films presented the basic idea behind the script suiting the budget to woo the client for thumbs up for this project. We conducted the casting within our office premises to get the best artists to match the look and feel.

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Car Parts Display Video (PCP)

We strive to give the best result to our clients while at the same time try to avoid unnecessary expenditure to save your money. We created a make shift studio in the plant of our client itself giving the effect of a white studio to its nearest perfection.

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Interview Shoot for LegendSpeak

Celebrity shoots are usually very tricky to handle as you have to be very cautious of their limited time and busy schedules. We were on spot ready and set-up for our guest and wrapped up without any technical glitch or stoppage in between.

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Road to Ultra India Music Festival

Teaming up with the Reliance Jio team we provided them we crew, transport and equipment support for the Delhi concert. Even with fresh on spot requirements coming in our direction we got them whatever was required.

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Song shoot in Sirsa, Haryana

Ketan Films did Line Production for all Lighting and Camera equipments with associated technical crew for three songs shoton 23rd, 24th& 25th of February, 2017. We successfully handled the responsibility of arranging all quality equipments at the best market price for....

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Promo for Doordashan on Varanasi

On just a night’s notice we travelled to the city where Death is celebrated. With no time to prepare just through our relations we got the best of crew and equipment arranged on possibly the shortest notice.

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The life of thousands of families involved in sex trade for generations. You don’t find them in usual brothels but functioning from actual homes with families living in it. The Baanchara tribe live in clusters of estimated 50 families/houses in anyone location in and around Rajasthan...

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CapGemini, Noida

CapGemini is a consultancy service providing company in Noida Sec-81, Special Economic Zone. On 2nd February, 2017 along with Miracle Lens, Mumbai our company Ketan Films endeavoured in making a promotional informative video for their clients.

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Based on the Peshawar school attack in Dec, 2014 the story revolves around the mother who when gets to know of the horrifying event as it was unfolding. How a mother with her usual worries and love bids farewell to her son who is super excited to be amongst his classmates to show off his new bag.

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Your Witness

Classic court room drama. A hit and run case. An eye-witness. The accused - a spoilt brat. A shrewd Lawyer. A mistreated wife & a broken marriage. It is the story of how a seasoned veteran manages to discredit an eye-witness to a hit and run case to ultimately fall prey to his own work.

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The Cactus

A harmless lie. Her blind trust. His pompous ego. An un-repairable wound. A big miss-understanding. And of course The Cactus. An adaptation of O. Henry’s short story of the same title. The story is about how a young independent

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The Artist

Nitin Menon

Nitin Menon


Nitin Menon has a brain filled with visions. A random occurrence in day’s life can be converted into a story presentation by the man. This incredible energy never seems to run out.

Arindam Debnath

Arindam Debnath


Arindam Debnath lives in the world of frames. He sees everything from behind the lens point of view. According to him it’s world to captures in frames in countless different ways.

Ketan Lamba

Ketan Lamba


Ketan Lamba is a man of answers. He has the unique quality of always finding a solution irrespective of how tricky a situation may get. His secret is simple. He never stops looking.

Creative Head

Md. Arif Aslam

Creative Head

Mohammad Arif Aslam with his divided attention is always part of every stage of work. At any given moment his mind is focused on various different things of various projects in play.

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